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ABSTRACTS - Guided primarily by intuition, I create the paintings from all four sides. This way, most of these works can be rotated to reveal different images. My hope is that viewers will allow themselves to experience the

worlds I have created. These works are an amalgam of many different art styles synthesized with observed forms in nature. Musical sounds are also among the many influences.

PORTRAITS - Aside from achieving likenesses, these works are also my investigation into the effects of combining representational and

non-representational forms in the same painting.

LANDSCAPES - The landscape paintings are born from a desire to use my art in celebrating the forms in nature that surround me.

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Morris Bennett earned his B.F.A. from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, and his M.F.A from the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ohio.

After a year of travel and study in Italy with his wife, the artist Anne Roland, he taught art in the secondary level of the Pittsfield (Ma.) Public Schools. Since his retirement he has been teaching two courses for the evening school of the Pittsfield Public schools and offers two workshops at the Canyon Ranch Spa in Lenox Massachusetts.

Morris Bennett